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I have a hard time understanding why DR.'s that are perscribing meds like a SSRI leave the choice to the patient weather they want to take it or not. I guess I can understand the idea of letting the patient have a say but at the same time how can I be my own DR? I don't think I always fully understand what is needed to do, I sometimes see it, but mostly all I see is scary stuff. I focus on all the bad that "could" happen and then I'm frozen and can't take anything, I continue to suffer, I don't make the progress mabe I could have. I think about it now wondering if I had just taken the meds 4 years ago the same ones I keep getting told I "could" take IF I wanted to maybe I would feel better and not keep having these episodes. I just wish that it was more clear in the moment. Like if he said, You should take this ... and it will help and if not we will try ... and so on. Not If you feel like it we can try this ... but it really is up to you... I have not gone to med school I don't think I should have this say. I would not offer myself a med for blood pressure or a ear infection why is this different. I see a MD he says take this, I take it, I feel better I don't question it. If ever a med is optional I will always opt out weather I see it or not I will alway run the other way. I guess this is just a unfortunate realization of myself.

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Good morning nightfalls,

This is the classic dizzying experience 95% of people have when they see their MD. Nighfalls, you're in charge, not the MD. Ask specific questions about side effects, dosage, how meds may affect your sleep, sex life, appetite, weight gain/loss, concentration, etc. Become informed by asking probing questions. Once you have all your answers, weigh the options and then decide. If you are overwhelmed, go home and read and think about it, discuss it with your spouse or gf or others who've been on the meds, and call the office later with your decision- they'll call it into your pharmacy for you. You're in charge and the only way this works is if you become a full partner in your own treatment--- asking for you to decide is their way of involving you. But it doesn't work if you've been snowed with information.

MD/s too easily dispense meds and advice w/o being questioned enough. Most folks wouldn't consider questioning their pool cleaner, mechanic or plumber... why is the MD different.

I do wish MD's would slow down, take their time with each patient and show a bit more compassion for how difficult these things are for others. In our office, we provide extensive education to everyone taking meds so that there is a real partnership and the patient isn't being tossed into making a decision and then walking out confused and wondering.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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