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hyponotists ~ can they help ?

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hi everyone

i saw an advert recently, about how you can give up smoking etc if you get hypnotised, well i was just wondering if, well if anyone knows if it actualy works ?

if it could also make me forget stuff that i am realy desperate to erase from my mind ?

and if anyone has ever tried it ?

sorry if this query is in the wrong place, wasnt sure where to put it.


take care


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Haven't tried hypnotherapy but I have been actively listening to hypnosis/trance inducing tapes for the last year or so. In combination with ongoing psychotherapy and a strong will to go forward, I feel they have done their fair share of work. The learning curve to these tapes can feel fairly high but believing they will help in the end is all you need to make them work. Some days they kick you straight into a deep 'Woah, what just happened' -place (in a good way) and other days you feel like skipping listening for one evening.

I can't say it would have been easy and I have had all (*ALL* :() kinds of emotions while listening to those tapes. They have taught me to relax and help understand how large a scale of emotions a human being is capable of feeling. Often times I have forgotten or felt very different about deep insecurities and emotional conflicts I have had. Very eye-opening stuff. Even though the changes in my day to day behavior have been very subtle compared to the under-hypnosis-feelings, I do think hypnosis is nevertheless changing me. I keep listening to these tapes as they make me feel relaxed even though I know the content by heart. It has become something of a routine to me :)

In the last year I have lost a lot of weight, started eating and behaving healthily and managed to stop uncontrollable alcohol cravings. Countless other things too but I'd say that those are the most concrete. Something I feel that has changed in my deepest emotional core is that I have found love for myself. I treat myself better in general nowadays. In short, I have gained control in places where I didn't even know it was possible.

Happy tripping into your subconscious. Let yourself go and feel all you can. Be confused and happy and sad and whatever might you find.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Jj,

I suppose hypnotherapy could help with stress reduction. In my experience, it does not have a lasting effect for those who stop smoking or a lasting effect for much of anything else. That's my opinion.

Actually, I think you are better 0ff with things like meditation.

Other's opinions?


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