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Hi Everyone

I found this on the net, and well thought some of you would enjoy it ...


Words that you or i would commonly use for one meaning, have a completely different meaning when you become a parent.........

AMNESIA = condition which enables a woman who has gone through childbirth to try for more children.

BOTTLE FEEDING = an oppertunity for daddy to get up at 2am too.

DEFENCE= what you had better have around your yard, if you're going to let the children out to play.

DROOLING= how teething babies wash their chin.

DUMB WAITER = one who asks the kids if they want to order dessert.

FEEDBACK = the inevitable result when a baby dosnt appreciate strained carrots.

FULL NAME = what you call your child, when you are cross with him.

GRANDPARENTS = the people who think your children are wonderful, even though they are sure you're not raising them right.

HEARSAY = what toddlers do when anyone mutters a rude word.

INDEPENDANT = how we want our children to be, as long as they do as we say.

LOOK OUT = what its too late for your child to do by the time you said it.

OWWW = the first word spoken by a child with older sibblings.

PREPARED CHILDBIRTH = a contidiction in terms.

SHOWOFF = a child more talented than yours.

TEMPER TANTRUMS = what you should keep to a minimum, so as not to affect the children.

WHO DUNNIT = none of the kids living in your house.

WHOOPS = an exclaimation, which roughly translates into, "get a cloth".

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