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problems due to inferior girth


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Hi Recluse,

I was reading through your post, and I noticed that you didn't describe any situations where anyone else has ever had a problem with your girth. Is that the case? It doesn't sound like something that would be readily apparent ... Is it possible that, despite all the internet research you've done, there isn't anything really wrong with you?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to see all the important involvement in this community where there is obviously a lot of emotional pain.

One of the difficult problems with which we have struggled over this topic is that when we attempt to assure the "small penis sufferers" that they are probably better off than they believe, they feel rejected and we are told that we just do not understand. In some cases, we are even accused of telling lies.

This brings me to the comment I wrote about "micropenis." There really is such a condition and that is a fact. However, I wrote that it is rare and someone (I do not remember whom) wrote that it is mistaken and used a statistic of 6% to reject the fact that micopenis is rare.

We have been here before, with statistics and measurements. What I mean is that there is a lot of distortion. 6% of what with regard to micropenis?? Statistics can be and are bandied about a great deal and that results in inaccuracy. The plain fact is that the medical condition called micropenis is rare.

We know that, world wide, across all nations, races, education levels, etc, there is an epidemic of men falsely believing their penises to be too small.

What I have suggested over and again is not that you get a girl friend first, but, that you go to a medical doctor, particularly a urologist if you are convinced you have a problem and get a professional opinion.


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I think you were referring to me.

For the sake of accuracy its 0.6% which is roughly 2 million males in the USA.

I understand entirely what you are saying about twisted self perception.

My point is that when you continually say micropenis is rare you cause a lot of people pain.

I bet a big proportion of that 2 million has been to this site.

Its the 2nd or 3rd hit depending what you type into the search engine.

So when you say, 'you are not small, so go find a girl' it kind of... well you know...

It makes them think they are freaks and utterly unlovable.

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Mr Swhartz, are you saying that it is only men who are diagnosed with Micro penis, that have small penis's? Meaning that everyman with an erection over 3" is normal?

If your answer is yes, then you clearly have absolutely no idea what we are talking about.

If i am wrong, please could you give us your definition in inches what you as an expert regard to be normal?

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Please. I understand how important and emotional this subject is. Discussing it, however, is going to require just a touch of restraint, because your emotions aren't the only ones involved. I'm quite sure that Dr. Schwartz had no intention of making light of the problem. I'm also sure that beginning to attack him personally won't be enlightening for anyone.

How about starting over on this one?

Instead of phrasing each of your points as a question with a "trap" answer, maybe you could just say what you mean. That way, at least we would know your opinion, which would be a place to start a discussion.

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Malign, you are quite right, and I appollogize if it came across as though I was attacking him. Much of what I type is done in temper, I have a small penis you know:)

I just got the feeling that Mr Schwartz is saying that only those with micro penis are small, that any penis over 3.5" erect is a normal size. Many proffessionals use this as a "definition" of what is medically small and what it in the normal medically acceptable range.

Using "micro penis" as a definition between small and normal means that, any penis falling between the size range of 3.5" and 9" is a normal penis, as in any study it is normal to find men with penis's in the size range of 3" to 9". A clinicians definition.

My penis is a NORMAL 4", I can assure you if compared to a normal 6" penis, I am small. 1/3rd smaller.

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I understand being angry, believe me.

You get to choose whether to act on it, though. Thanks for the choice you made.

The difficulty of using statistics to talk about a feature that's far from the average is the shape of the bell curve. You've seen it, right? Once you get even a short distance away from the middle, it's difficult to choose a cutoff point. The curve is smooth. It's also meaningless where you draw the line. There's no real validity to choosing a 5% cutoff over a 1% cutoff, but someone has to pick a number, so they do.

But unless the girl carries a tape measure, the exact numbers don't matter. What's going to matter is her perception, and probably even more, the guy's. That's part of why I wouldn't even have tried to debate numbers with you.

The other is, I've never even been a little tempted to measure myself. Now, that could be due to lots of reasons: I could be huge (I doubt it), I might be afraid I'm tiny (it doesn't feel like I'm afraid), I could be an idiot (it's quite possible), I could've been lucky never to have been teased about it (that's certainly true), and so on. But whether or not I am "small", by some numerical definition, I've never been concerned about being small, and that's the key issue, at least in my view.

Please be gentle with me. I am not belittling your distress over this. I'm just giving my viewpoint. It's quite possible I've missed something, and I welcome having people point it out to me, if I have.

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Recluse, you say you are average length, but 1" of average circumference, that makes you only 1/2 small. I would give my right arm, eye, and nut to be you. I too have read from different sources that of the women who express a preferance on size, do say they prefer girth to length. You are doing what I did, and that is, ignoring all the women who post that they dont care oneway or the other.

Technique wise, you could slide your thunb in along side your penis, instanly creating girth, while having a bash at the clit. Also while on top you can get them to close thier legs together making things tighter. Google the C.A.T. position, this works wonders for men of all sizes. You can please a woman easily, good technique can cure many ills. Which is probably why you see women posting "Id rather have a man who knows how to use it" Dont forget even lesbians have great sex, who would'nt want to bed a couple of them.

If I was you, aged 27 and not having had any expeirence, I would get on the net, and date a slightly younger inexpeirenced girl that none of your freinds would know about, and just learn how to feck, without caring whether she enjoyed it or not. Learn what works for you, maybe she will enjoy it also. If not buy her a new pair of shoes (women love shoes above all else) and go again. Or get yourself over to Thailand for a 2 weeks holiday and nail a load of prostitutes, a cheap way to learn your craft. What you must not do is waste your youth. "He who dares, Wins" What you are dealing with is fear, fear can only be overcome by confrontation. If I had my time again, Id say give yourself a break you stubborn git. Which is what Im saying to you.:)

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