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Ok, long story short, I was abducted, forced to use highly addictive substances which I have no knowledge of. Still to this day can't recall what I was given. I can only say what they were doing to me at the time. I was forced to take an anesthetic, ecstasy, and uppers of unknown type. I was immediately addicted to at least one of those items. I was later set free but had to cope with withdrawal all alone. Now I fear it may have permanently affected my mental health. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder. This was changed from the schizophrenia I was originally diagnosed with. I take no meds now. Quit the anxiety med since I felt fine, though my thoughts are not always fine, I am not paranoid now. I think I was just majorly stressed out due to multiple reason over the last few years as well as the experiences of my abduction 10 yrs ago. I hope this is making sense since I have related a lot in one short paragraph with fewest details possible.

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Well, you've done a fairly good job of succinctly describing what must have been a harrowing experience. However, you mentioned very little about how you're doing these days? I remember (and refreshed my memory, I must admit) when you originally came to the site. Are you feeling any better, with the updated diagnoses?

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