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Nobody has addressed the fact that the real reason that we have this burden in our soul is due to the moment we are performing the act when our small tool does not get the proper friction, the cavity is too loose no matter what how much she is closing her legs to make us feel good, it is not enough. All of us we have seen that terrified scene in which she is all the way up, wanting to feel the pressure of our tool rubbing against her vaginal walls, but the reality is that a small toy does not accomplish anything when she is asking for more, her movements are so intense imploring for a savage trust and what she gets is just our little toy, providing a placer of 2% of her whole stimulation, then… she has to fake, she does that because she loves us, but in her inner side she is longing for a real man not a little piece of misery… She finishes as in a bad dream, an orgasm in her own with a weird experience as if she had been in bed with a kid;...and I thought I had a lot of stamina, I could stay up to 3 hours, of course, if there was not friction how in hell I was going to come?… All women that I have had after having the second encounter in bed they have immediately looked for someone else better than me and then cheated on me, and I don’t blame them, because they didn't get what they were expecting. I have developed a tremendous skills in my hands that have made them believe I was promising the heaven, but at the moment of the performance her eyes couldn’t give credit to what she saw but she had to simulate that nothing unusual had happened. Not being enough the hell we have to live in silence, the society makes fun about our nature, as if out of our own will we had chosen such kind of anatomy…I curse the day I was born...if god exist he is a miserable entity that enjoys contemplating my misery and has given my shame to all women that have known me for them to laugh about me and to the normal men to scorn and spit on me and make a mockery out of my small nature. That god, everyone is very thankful about was hating me long before I was born…if god exist he is my enemy #1 until the eternity, but because we are all alone in this universe god does not exist, we like to think that someone protect us, but in reality the only protection is the one we buy with our money and our connections. Women know that with my 3 inches I will never give them the paradise that a regular man can give them, and they laugh about it and despise me. I don’t get satisfaction and don’t give enough satisfaction, if she moan is just for trying to make me believe that I am worthy when in reality I am not. The supreme evil is the only answer that can accommodate this unfair life in such way that it provides the best for the majority and gives a doomed life to the few.

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DL, and other folks on the Small Penis Syndrome Forum,

I understand that your situation causes you severe distress, and that those feelings often require care in expressing them in words. This is, after all, a sexual issue; some discussion of the sex act is unavoidable. Extra leeway has been granted to this forum for that reason.

However, we still need to strike a balance between your needs and those of our other members. I've had at least one complaint about your post, which caused me to move it directy into this Forum. I understand that our New Member policy makes it difficult to choose an appropriate level of intensity for one's original post, and I have therefore left it intact. I may be forced to edit posts or remove them, in future, however, if they exceed reasonable bounds.

I'm quite sure that these issues can be addressed while also respecting the needs of our other members.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Deathliving,

I cannot help but ask myself if you could be confusing the size of your penis with erectile problems?

As I so often ask, when discussing this issue, have you seen a medical doctor about this? Have you seen a medical doctor who is a urologist? Have you gotten confirmation from a urologist that your problem is what you say and not what you think?


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