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How do I make it so I don't get logged out every several minutes?


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I'm afraid that timeout is considered a "feature". :-)

It keeps the server from being burdened by a lot of inactive connections. It also keeps the server from being overwhelmed by malicious people who open lots of connections and never log off, not to mention those of us who forget by accident.

To avoid loss of text you may have typed, one option is to use an external editor and cut-and-paste it into the site when it's ready.

It's unfortunate, but not everything in life works the way we'd like.

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Guest GingerSnap

When I type out my message and try to post and it gives me the block that I am not logged in, I log in and then go back until the message appears again and post it. I have come across this somewhere else and learned to do this. I tend to have a lot to say on about all subjects.:D

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