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What happened to HALLOWEEN


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What the hell happened to Halloween? I remember as a kid (only a decade ago) the joys of Halloween. I grew up in nyc and halloween was always a treat. Head out to school in costume, spend the day checking out other kids costumes, then schools over time for trick or treating (i always like the tricks better), then afterward my old elementary schools parade which happened around 5 or 6 in the day, and then after that a quick trip to the halloween parade to see all the disgusting horrifying physics defying happy gay sad costumes. than back to tomkin square which by this time would be full of little kids. I mean halloween used to be great, and not because i was a kid and got mass amounts of candy although it didn't hurt. No it was great for the freedom and fun of the costumes and the childesness even the adults are infected by on halloween. No I cry out for all the custom costumes that took hours and hours of man power to make, to the giant spider things they'd have climbing on the church near west 4th street, the streets being taken over by little children and later drunken adults.

Nowadays the halloween parade has been dulled down to things that wont frighten disgust freak out people, my old elmentry school only does the parade once around the block, and tomkins is overrun with cops instead of little kids. Not to mention the change in costumes these days. Man what the hell happened to halloween?

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Guest GingerSnap

Move to the sticks if you miss old-fashioned Halloween. They have a parade downtown for 5 or 6 blocks - this is basically all the downtown area. They have a massive celebration in the park after dark and bus people into the park to keep the traffic from being a problem (no cost to participants), they have a candy give away at the community center and many of the houses, including ours, have a big display and we even give out the most sought after "chocolate" candy. We have outside lighted mummie and a coffin where a vampire goes in and out. I got purple bat lights on clearance last year and Halloween tinsel and I don't even remember what else - need to get out the deco as we always limit it to about 10 days before. So, Happy Halloween

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children still trick treat or treat around our neighborhood . Their our also haunted houses in the park that are fun for the kids too. It is a very small town , with the majority of the population latino. And are eiter farm workers, or work at the prison.

Even so, the kids get a lot of candy, . Older kids even go out, too old to be out , but nobody cares really. It's all in good fun and none of the kids are bad , at least not the gang kids are out.

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