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i usually post in the bipolar section but, as my therapist suggested today that we start using EMDR, i figured this would be a better place for me to post.

i do have anxiety and panic attacks (actually, the panic attacks have ceased since i've been on a higher dose of wellbutrin - i know its not indicated for that but whatever works, right). my therapist suggested EMDR because of the anxiety and also the depression and 'disturbing thoughts' (i seriously almost killed myself a couple weeks ago). btw, therapist is impressed that i was able to hold off and Not go through with it :)

my question is, do any of you have experience with EMDR? i am thinking about going along for the ride on this one just to see what comes of it but would it be worth it?


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Hi Cyblue,

EMDR is powerful medicine! No one clearly understands, both psychologically or neuro-physiologically, why it works, but the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association recognize it as an effective treatment for PTSD. It has received considerable research support. (Carlson et al., 1998; Marcus et al., 1997; Rothbaum, 1997; Scheck et al., 1998; Wilson et al., 1995). However, in spite of this support, there's still some confusion. Some of the confusion is theoretical and due to the current lack of serious research support.... but, by all accounts, it is very effective.

I have also been a recipient of EMDR treatment, so can attest to the fact that it works... but it largely depends on the clinician's skill and trust between both of you.

Good luck,


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