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s/h practical advice (trigger)


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If this is inappropriate im sorry,please remove it.

I was wondering, while i dont want to encourage anybody to s/h or to continue with it, would perhaps putting some kind of informational advice up be of use?

I think we all probably realise that while people can offer compassion,understanding and suggest ways of trying to break or lessen the habit and that is the best kind of advice there is, but unfortunately people dont just quit.

Ive looked around and cant find anything (although i might have missed it sorry), that at least offers some practical advice on how to keep wounds clean and prevent infection,help people recognise the different degrees of burns and other related consequences to various forms of s/h, Particularly for anyone young or 'new' to it.

I dont feel thats encouraging people but rather giving them some understanding of how to avoid the physical problems that can occur.

If it helps just one person that can only be a good thing surely?

i hope im not out of order saying this, it's just a thought.

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Hi Donna,

I think that is an excellent idea. In my opinion it ought to be made a sticky on the top of this SI thread.

Even though I am not new to self harming , and one of those who have gone to the extreme levels of SI , I do tend to get into the deny mode. Even I do that. Because i do not want to deal with the consequences to my SI behaviors. I am very aware of the differences of Burns . Could help with that one. ANd when it it time to seek medical treatment. Their are certain times that you just have to go, and other times when you can treat it on your own .

that is why it would be helpful to have something like your referring to.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Donna,

Of course what you point out makes a lot of sense because once somebody has caused themself an injury we do not want it to worsen through infection, etc.

What everyone should read up on and learn is primary and basic first aid. First of all, all of us can get injured just by accident. Just making dinner and slicing tomatoes, etc., can cause an accidental injury.

Also, learning first aid should not and must not be taken as "permission or consent" to self injure. That would be a silly idea. What all of us hope for are ways for the individual to express themselves and deal with stress and emotions in ways that are healthier than self injury.


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