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I'm sure I can't be the first one to post something like this. I feel alone. Really really alone. I've made my life for the past two years about being in a relationship with someone who I love and would love to marry but someone who I have completely changed my life for. That's my doing I know but now I feel alone and I feel like my head wants to explode and scream out please help me and see me! I'm scared and confused about my future. I'm lucky to have someone who is there for me but at the same time I feel like wants control. I think this will become my place of venting and letting go... and also something else to look forward to.

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Sometimes it just helps to vent :(

Why are you so scared? What did you change in your life for your relationship? I moved half-way around the world. Things like that are hard and take a lot longer than you might think to adjust to.

If it's any help keep posting and hopefully you will be able to see that things will become clearer when you have them out of your head and someplace like this forum where you can see it in black and white.

All the best to you!

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Although my situation is almost opposite of yours I feel the same feelings. I feel extremely alone - so very alone - and I'm often scared - fear is huge - what's weird about it is that most of the time it's this vague sort of general fear; it's very hard for me to be settled on what this fear is focused on or what it's source is; what causes it that is. Sometimes it feels like a sixth sense of impending doom. That might sound like an exaggeration but honestly, I just feel like I'm going to die tomorrow or something; it's this very strange undefinable fear that like I say I just don't know what event or possible event to tack it on, yet at the same time there's an urgency about it. It's very uncomfortable. To see you post feeling this way yet your situation is completely different makes me wonder if it's not possible to have these sorts of feelings purely from some sort of biochemical source - like brain chemistry. I guess that's the theory behind antidepressants, of course I don't know that may be a naive assumption on my part too - but no matter what causes it I'll tell you what you're not alone insofar as having those feelings go because I feel very alone and very scared too.

I have a few different ideas and theories on what it is; what causes it; what I need to do to heal from it... but I continue to struggle with it and would love to know what a therapist thinks about this. Of course it's probably something that has as many different causes as people who suffer from it, still it seems like lots of folks feel lonely and scared. Not the majority of people but I realize I'm not alone, in part because of posts like yours - thanks.

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