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What do M.A. and O.M.P.T. stand for?


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I am looking for a new therapist. I sent a list of the female therapists covered by my insurance to a friend who is a SW at a mental health clinic. The one she recommended is identified as an "M.A." and an "O.M.P.T." I have only seen MSWs, LCSWs or BCSWs in the past. Does anyone know what these abbreviations mean? Should I look for another SW instead?

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MA is probably a master's degree - most likely in a counseling field, becuase social workers get the MSW rather than an MA or MS.

Not sure about the other one. It is likely a certificate for a training program, or some professional society membership sort of thing. Like - very senior psychologists sometimes will have ABPP after their Ph.D. degree which shows that they have an advanced credential above and beyond their main Ph.D. degree.

It is perfectly fair game for you to ask this recommended person what her credentials stand for. She will tell you and I can't imagine she'll be insulted. Ask if she is licensed and if so, which license she has.

If you trust your friend's judgment and think it likely that she will make a good recommendation for you, that ought to carry some weight. Having a professional degree you've heard of is important too, but degrees don't guarentee that someone will be helpful for you. They just suggest a certain minimum training level. This is most helpful if you don't have a trusted referral and then you need to select among people you don't know anything about. Since you do have a referral, that might be enough for you to try a session or two with this person and see if you think it could work. There is something to be said for "chemistry". Ideally, you'd want chemistry and good training.


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