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Wood Nymphs


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wood nymph 


1. (esp. in legend) a nymph of the woods; dryad.

Wood nymphs do exist. Have you ever looked at a tree that resembled a living entity (such as an animal) in it? If so, you were probably looking at a wood nymph.

Wood nymphs have warned me of upcoming danger, emitted scents to me before like some spirits do if they want to contact their loved ones. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, lost, and in a rut I go to a forest and hope the wood nymphs will guide me, show me how to fight the distress in my life.

What do you think?

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Guest GingerSnap

Whether they do exist or not, if they give you comfort in some way, I don't see the harm in believing. Where I live, we don't really have forests or many trees. I have a good luck charm and believe that spirits of loved ones that have departed are with me and guide me as safely as they can given my freewill to do as I please whether right or wrong. I think we all have our little "comfort" things that make us feel better and as long as they don't take over our lives, I don't see a problem. Yes, I have seen those trees that look almost like a human face and I can't help thinking about the Wizard of Oz (yes, big fan) and the trees in the orchard that talked and threw apples. An older lady I know has a tree in her yard and she got these cool eyes, nose and mouth and added them and I love walking by that tree. She is 81, almost 82 and I bet with her love of nature that she would believe in this and that you would get on well with her as she is special to so many people. Know "the oak" that if the trees are stumped by your problem, we would be glad to pitch in and try to help. Yeah, I believe in a lot of weird stuff but I think as long as it doesn't make me dysfunctional or unhappy that well "whatever it takes to get me through the day." :)

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I know that there are things which we have not yet discovered. Do Wood Nymphs exist? I can not say that they do not. Maybe they are related to the Ents of middle earth. Again I can not say, however there are new things which are being discovered all the time, and there are unconfirmed sightings of a lot of things such as UFO's, bigfoot, and lock ness just to name a few. Anyway if you see and believe in them I see nothing wrong with that.

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