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Scared of Sleeping


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So this probably sounds stupid, but its part of me.

I dont do the whole sleep thingy.

For years I have struggled with getting a "full nights sleep", I think most nights I was lucky to get 4 hours.

Its gotten to the stage now that I go days without sleeping at all. Think that my body has just gotten that used to me fighting the sleep that now I just cant.

Im exhausted, and probably overtired, but still just cant do the sleep thingy. It scares me too much. Think Im scared that I am going to get trapped in a nightmare.

Its ok, I dont expect anyone to reply to this thread, Im just type thinking.....

Just wonder if this is just how I am always going to be, always fighting, and never being able to trust that when I wake up that it will be in the present day, think Im going to somehow wake and be back there. its stupid things like that cant happen and part of me knows I am being irrational about this, so why wont i allow myself to get some sleep, this is madness.........

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hi Sue :)

You must be exhausted!

i cant sleep either but for different reasons to you.

But the more your body gets used to your sleep - or lack of it :) - pattern that just makes it worse because the more you lay there the more you're thinking about it which is just re-inforcing it all...wont do the rest of your health any good either.

have you tried taking a warm drink to bed not coffee or tea, maybe take a book with you something light not exciting, maybe it will help stop your mind from wandering. Also light excersising can help or yoga something like that..not everyones cup of tea admittedly lol but a lot of people say it helps.

It takes time to adjust to a new routine and you have to stick with it, i know it's the fears and thoughts that keep you awake and stop you wanting to sleep but trying to work on the physical aspect might help your body gradually take over ... make you sleepy and drop off eventually whether you want to or not.

What about asking the Dr for some meds to help? unless you take them already.

i dont know im probably talking nonsense sorry :o it's just i know how hard it is not being able to sleep and how it excerbates things, i thought maybe any idea is better than none..im probably wrong - lack of sleep makes my brain fuzzy lol.

i hope eventually some of those fears will gradually disappear and you manage to get some kind of rest in.

take care Donna :)

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Guest GingerSnap

Well, there are teas and things you can do to help yourself fall asleep but it you are fighting it, I guess they wouldn't help. I know that you know that if you could get restful sleep that you would see an overall improvement in your mood, etc. This will sound stupid but have you ever considered a "security" blanket or item - like I said, it would sound stupid but the only other thing I could think of was a pet and that can be difficult to keep and maintain (my dog is a pain more often than not on some days). I am sure that you have heard about how they use pets in therapy. I know the older people here just love it when my dog loads them down with sloppy kisses and hugs (I don't do sloppy dog kisses:( so this gives her an opportunity to indulge herself too). The dog also likes to get up early on the weekends and there is so much to do, not, here getting up while the rest of the town is still asleep. My best, Cathy

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Hey Donna, and Cathy,

Thanks for your replies.

Kinda tried most things really, hot baths, relaxation, breathing exercises, yoga, oh and Im on quite strong sleeping pills.

I guess my fear is just too strong, night terrors or nightmares whatever they are called leave me confussed disorientated and wondering where the heck I am. They are frightening, like Im actually back there and its all for the first time.

Im exhausted, and this probably is part of the main reason why Im so mentally unstable at the mo and find myself back in hospital again. Think probably its just one of those things. Once I get it into my stupid head that it is a irrational fear and believe it then maybe I will be able to sleep better. Its just that most of me dont trust me. OK. that wont make sense but, I kinda cant find the right words.

thanks for helping

take care


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