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Constantly worrying


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Constant worrying is on a few symptom lists, anxiety and depression come to mind. My experience with constant worrying was during a time of extreme stress. How does your big picture look, are you worrying about actual events or pre-worrying about events that might take place?

The best solutions for stress are ironically the same solutions for living a healthy life.

Exercise: lots of it! Exercise is proven to reduce stress and increase overall health (including anxiety and depression) Maybe a tired body is just too tired to worry :)

Stay away from simple carbs and caffeine. Both will put you on a roller coaster of energy levels. Your brain wants your energy to stay constant!

Regulate your sleep. Get a before bed routine and stick to it. Your body will learn to start winding down during this routine for a good night's sleep.

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Hi Nicole

Just wondering if you have tried any relaxation therapy, or yoga. This helps me when I find myself getting anxious, or panicy. It could also help with your lack of sleep.

Would you consider speaking about this with your doctor or gp ?

The doctor would be able to help you and then diagnose what is wrong. It may just be stress related. If anything the doctor would be able to put your mind at ease.

take care


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You are bothered by constant worries and being a good little worrier, you worry about it. I can't tell you that I know how much it affects your life but I sure can relate to the problem! I can offer some suggestions based on my experience.

Forgive me if this gets long!


Have a bedtime and stick to it! Worries come from feeling a loss of control. Start killing worries by taking control of your bedtime.

Find a bedtime routine. What do you do before bed? Take note of it and make it routine. The routine establishes a body schedule. Here's mine:

830: snack and TV or paperwork

930: bath

1000: pick out clothes

1030: bed

Your body needs a long lead time to prepare itself for bed. Starting about 2 hours before bed, every night, practice the same routine as often as possible.

Tame your worries. Sounds crazy, but it can be done. First, make a list of what you worried about last night. Then, as you review your list, imagine what you'd do to fix each worry if you only had 3 minutes.

(worry) The neighbor was way out of bounds when he said that to me, I'm mad and hurt.

(3 min. solution) Let him know that I understand his concerns and will address them, but in the future I expect him to speak to me with respect.

The solution doesn't have to be "right" or even acheivable. Remember, you only have 3 minutes to act and you're doing the best you can.

Take a distraction to bed. Mom's worldwide disagree, but do it anyhow. (This isn't an instant fix and requires practice.) You want something going on in the background that you can concentrate on. I play audio books while I sleep. At first, I'd try to picture every word the reader said. Kind of like reading along. You can do it with soft music, even a fan. Try to visualize the blades spinning. This saved my life! I can't hear an audio book in bed anymore. I fall asleep as soon as it starts.


Take a multivitamin.

Avoid caffeine after 10am.

You already know this, but eat a balanced diet. It matters more than most people think.


It's a hard choice to make. I've never really done well here but here are some things you can do to get a start:

(I do most of these crazy things)

At work or school take the stairs.

Have to walk to the bosses office? Walk halfway, then go back to where you started before going all the way to her office.

Skip to the bathroom.

Park farther from the store.

Walk 100 steps outside every day. Increase that by 10 or 20 every week until you just feel like you want to keep going.

Play with a pet!

~~ Don't be afraid to tell your doctor about your problems. Right now, get your bedtime routine going. I really think you can get a handle on that! Then try to work on the bed distraction (other people don't count). You might have to try a few things there. Remember that it doesn't work right away. It takes practice, but it will change the way you think about sleep. I didn't discover this until after 40!

Keep in touch if you need, I have millions of ideas every single minute!

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