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As you can see I'm new here. I won't post a great long thread here but just wanted to introduce myself.

I am a woman so I know I will never be able to know what it feels like to be a man with a small penis. But I have read some of the comments on here about women (only some, haven't had a chance to read much).

Eg all women discuss partners' penis size. I am in my forties & I have never mentioned to anyone the penis size of a partner. Nor would any of my friends want me too. Similarly only one friend has ever mentioned her partner's penis and none of us wanted to know.

My boyfriend is small. And you know what? I love his penis. It's beautiful and sexy.

I really don't want to belittle your very real pain. I just wanted to say this.

If a man came along who was not my boyfriend and he had an average or large penis, I'd stay with my boyfriend.

I've never been with someone because of their penis size.

I do feel for you and how you have been affected. I can see why so many of you feel as you do, really I can. But there is nothing special about me so there must be millions of women out there who will love you & your penis.

Don't give up

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