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Losing hope @ a chance to be me!


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So I thought I was straining to get a hold on my depression or whatever it is...I have gone out the past two nights and had a great time..but today I’m right back to me...I do not like this feeling...I’m scared...I’m lonely..I’m even lonely when others are around...why can’t I just go back to who /how I used to be...my phone has rang 3 times in a row and rang for about 1-2min each time...my friend is trying to get a hold of me to see if I’m going to come over today...I don’t even feel like taking a shower...I never sleep late I’m always up around 7 but I slept till 1pm today and I hated the idea that I woke up...my life is nothing an dim nothing and I’m losing all hope that I’ll ever be me

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I'm sorry that you're feeling so sad and lonely. :)

Are you planning to look into getting some help?

I think im going to weigh the options...i feel like no one takes me serious...im afraid they will thinkit is a waste of time and money...but if it will help me then i wanna do it...i have a hard time making desicions for myself i ussualy ask family...

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