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Hi Andrea,

If you know that you need meds, then you have kinda answered your own question there hun :)

Although, if you think that they arent working for you then, I suggest you go visit your doctor and see if they can try something else. or reccomend some Therapy for you.

The thing with most meds is. is that it takes a while for them to build up into your system, sometimes a few weeks before you truely notice the benefit of them (if any).

Have you considered any type of therapy in the past , or are you currently seeing a Therapist ?

Because although meds are neccesary sometimes to releave the symptoms of Depression etc....., IMO, the thing that works best for me is Thought Field Therapy (although I think thats for my anxiety), and Councelling. (yeah i know, I cant spell).

Just a thought,

Take care


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I was on prozac 40 mg welbrutrin 150-300 mg and effexor 30-75mg. These are around the exact mgs. Prozac worked but then stopped I was put on welbrutrin against my will in a psych ward March of this year didn't work. Then I was recently put on effexor didn't work at all. I took these meds and they all just made me sucidial. I was on and off them for two years. They mostly worked in the beginning but then I was erratic with them I never took them at the same time. So in part it's my fault. I am in therapy I go once a week but it's still not enough I'm 25 and I can't function honestly it's hard just for me to get through a day, but like everyone else with a mental illness we all have too. I don't believe the meds are effective in helping me get well my family and bf want me to get back on but I don't think they will do anything. I believe I need more cognitive therapy. But I need relief and I believe I will only get that through meds so I believe I will probably get back on and try to stay on it's hard for me. :rolleyes:. IDk I'm very confused

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hi therapy is going ok osmetimes i dont feel like it works and sometimes i do it makes me think alot. i get service at a free clinic because i dont have health insurance so the doctor i see who perscribes me meds is a different doctor from my therapist and i dont think talking to that doctor is very effective because its always a different doctor. my bf and family think meds will make me feel better like they r magic pills and they're not. alot of my problems are external they dont change no matter how much i try to chane them or how much i try to ask for help or express to people how i feel. at first i noticed improvements with the meds i was feeling so much better but than i dont keep track of the times im suppose to take them so i eventually just dont go and say forget it i dont need them. idk what to do honestly i hope i do feel better and im trying its just really hard. i dont know what i will reveal about myself since i dont think much of myself anyway i dont :confused:

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi AndreaB,

You are quite correct about anti depressant medications: They help you feel better but do not solve your problems.

That is why psychotherapy is so important. I realize that, in the clinic you attend, you probably cannot choose the type of psychotherapy you want, but, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is something that would help you learn how to deal with your problems.

However, I can tell you this, that, in addition to the psychotherapy and medication, you can get self help books on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and learn how to use the methods to help yourself.

What do you think?


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Guest ASchwartz

Andrea and Everyone:

Yes, David Burns MD, The Feeling Good Handbook.

It is excellent and I have my clients use it and with great success. Make sure you get the handbook version. Then, follow it as he suggests and do all the exercises and do them again but do them in order and read the explanations so that you understand. This will help you organize and improve your thoughts and will help with your psychotherapy regardless of the method used by your therapist.

Allan :)

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I can't begin to tell you how much psychotherapy and medication is important for Depression/Anxiety. I've been on meds for about 5 years on and off, most of them didn't work or they did work but side-effects/worn off. Right now I'm on A combo of Abilify, Prozac & Trazadone and I think this combo is working great (especially after adding Abilify). I also recently started therapy and its been great. I didn't realize how much I actually needed it until I went. I've had 2 appointments so far and a another is scheduled for next month (Perhaps my last if all continues to go well)

Like someone mentioned previously, Medications helps, but ultimately psychotherapy is needed to help learn coping skills and learn ways to manage yourself. And don't give up on medication because what your taking may not be working. Like I said i've been on various in the past but i never gave up and now I have so much optimism that i'm going to get better with what i'm taking now. :(

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In my opinion, I think the most important part of stabilization is keeping your doctor in the loop. Let him/her know what works, what doesn't, what increases certain thoughts, and whether or not you're taking them as prescribed. This will help the doctor be able to help you. I had to go through several cocktails before I found the medications that work for me. It's almost never a "get it on the first try" kind of situation with meds.

I hope that you're therapy is going well ... and talk to your therapist about this, too. The more people you talk to about it, the more suggestions you will get - and you never know which suggestion might be exactly what you need.

Take care :)

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