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I was reading this article:


I found this to be a relief because it's possible that I'm not the only one with this problem.


Having grown up in New York City and frequently travelled the subway system, I, along with millions of other New Yorkers, soon learned the importance of avoiding eye contact with other passengers. The reason was simple: direct eye contact can easily be mis perceived by a stranger as a challenge to fight. Many paranoid patients report the thought that when they believe they are being stared at, then they are about to be attacked. In fact, some paranoid patients have been known to make drawings of the human head and figure with unusually large eyes. The grossly distorted drawings often represent looking out suspiciously into what is perceived as a dangerous and aggressive world.


I take the New York City subway system and I have this problem. This has never happened to me before but one day I decided to avoid all eye contact with people after some situation. Now, it feels like I can never control where I should look and I have problems riding the subway because I fear eye contact with other people sitting on the train. I also have problems walking anywhere because I am paranoid that someone is looking at me so any walking situation turns into chaos with either me or the other person casting their eyes to the floor. I have problems all the time and anytime I remember that I have this problem, any situation turns into chaos. It's fine when I forget the fact the I have this issue, but the more I try to forget - the easier it is to remember. I've been having this problem for almost a year now and any help would be great.

From what I am saying above, the problem has progressed (downhill). I'll look anywhere just because I know that it annoys me to do it. For example, lets say you tell me not do look at the chair next to you. As I speak to you my eyes will go there and back to you constantly. Thanks for any help.

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Hi hello 9

I used to ride the london tubes a lot, and was fearful of eye contact, especially in some of the rougher parts of the city. In the end I used to just make sure I had a book or magazine with me, and concentrate on that the best I could.

The distraction of having ssomething to read might also help you become less aware of feeling like someone is looking at you.

I hope this helps a little

take care


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