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New guy, got bumped today, searched internet, found forum


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And here I am.

I can truly say I'm at the end of the line. I feel so bad about myself and feel so inadequate that it will probably take my life. Unless it gets solved. I am resolute. Resolute as fuck to solve this. I was not born to give up nor will I give up now.

I have had a lot of depression and emotional mistreatment in my life. I have been an alcoholic and done myself a lot of harm. Never dated nor had sex though. I am strongly sexual nevertheless and the fact that I feel so inferior compared to other men is killing me.

I have changed a lot with the help of therapy, hypnosis and educating myself-- sometimes nowadays I even feel like a human being but the key point of having this eternal penis size problem is something I haven't been able to deal with. Yet.

I strongly believe I am the captain of my soul and the chooser of my destiny. I will not submit to being 2nd hand merchandise. I have loved reading the threads here and I absolutely, totally, symphatize for you guys and feel at home after all this time. I finally feel like I belong somewhere.

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