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can you remember what your thinking process was like?


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I have written before about this subject so I apologize beforehand for rehashing already discussed material. I was fired from my last job due to depression. I know it was due to the illness byt when I look back now over two years ago to the winter of 2007/8, I cannot remember experiencing a lot of the warning signs. What continues to puzzle me is that I was on meds (Paxil-40mg), seeing a therapist once a week and not drinking. I can recall having trouble concentrating and withdrawing socially...Can anyone share their experiences with depression and work, and how it led to their dismissal or taking sick leave


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I have a bad sick record with my job because of my depression. I have been in this job for nearly 20 years now. I am fortunate that I work for a semi-state hospital, which means I have more security than those in the private sector.

I had one period of 6 months absence, one period of 1 year absence and several other shorter breaks. I'm not sure about a thinking process, but I do know that I did not seek treatment early enough which resulted in me developing severe depression. The shorter absences were due to stress I was having at the time which triggered the depression.

The worst that has happened for me is that I have been denied my annual pay increase on two occasions. I do have to satisfy the work Doctor that I am doing all I can to be well. I have now been classified by my job as a person with a disability, as my depression has been described as chronic. The public sector in this country must have least 3% of their workforce made up of people with a disability.

I know if I was in the private sector that I would have lost my job.


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I've had major depression all my life, and I think I am an undiagnosed ADD-Pi. I was diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder. I've never been able to keep a job long because I can't really deal with people well, and I get stressed out and soo sooooo soooooo TIRED. I just feel like this world moves way too fast for me, I have never, never been able to keep up. Which of course makes me feel worse. :-/ The pressure is neverending, I just want to lie down and give up/die a lot of the time. I have had several suicide attempts, beginning at age 10.

I've been on every kind of medication there is, but I finally gave it all up. It helps for a little while, but then it's just the pharma industry making money off my addiction. Withdrawal is awful and I'd just rather not go there again, especially when there's no lasting advantage. Maybe they haven't come up with a pill that really can help certain types of depression, who knows? I don't have insurance anyway, now. Luckily I can earn a little money with my artwork, but sometimes it's difficult for me to work, and with the economy so poor, sales have been not the best. I haven't had a real job in 10 years or more, now. God help me if I were to have to find one.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi JaneE,

Medication can help with Major Depression but will only have limited benefit with Avoidant Personality. In fact, Personality Disorders are different because they tend to involve learned behavior patterns.

Really, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is best for both Major Depression and Avoidant personality disorder. I would add that any good therapy is helpful with Major Depression but Avoid Personality requires learning new patterns of behavior.

Medication alone is not the answer.


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I use to have one of the greatest work ethics in history. Never was tardy as a matter of fact I went in 30 minutes early. I was more than reliable and dependable. I was goal oriented and I was driven do you hear me. Then after 20 years of a work history as such I started clocking out on my lunch hour and going home. I started quitting and walking off jobs. I couldn't keep one. I had a new job every 21 to 30 days. I've been on Social Security Disability every since. I rarely leave my house these days.

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