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PTSD and no motivation


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I've always had very little ambition and motivation, but lately it's even worse. I'm actually quite talented (if I do say so myself) but I just have no motivation to get up and do anything with it.

Lately I've even lost interest in minor things like recycling.

Lately I just feel like I can't find anything to care about.

My husband isn't making it any easier because he was very pampered as a child and doesn't really know how take care of a house or even cook a meal. He doesn't expect things but if I don't cook he'll go get fast food.

I'm gaining weight in the wrong places, I feel like crap because I either don't eat or I eat crap, and my house looks like the star of a natural disaster film.

And I don't care!

I hate this.

I need a bomb set under me!

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Hi KatieDid,

I'm sorry that you are feeling so low at the moment. :(

I dont have any great advice on how you can motivate yourself. I get like this a fair bit myself. sometimes it helps me if I just set myself small realistic goals. Like ok, "I will do that wahing up today" or "Ok Im gonna get up and just put that washing in the machine" or my fav one which I rarely actually achieved first or even second attempt " I will just clean up my lounge". It helps coz once I actually manage to start ticking things of my "list" its like wow I can do this, and the sense of achievement (no matter how insignificant it may seem to others) inspires me a little to do the next thing on my "list".

Geez I've made myself sound a right lazy womble. but you know I think a lot of people feel this way from time to time, and its easy to slip into doing as little as possible, and the less you do well the less you feel like doing anything at all.

Just wanted to say, that well your not on your own, and that I can relate to the way you feel, as Im sure many people here can.

Take care


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I was reading other posts and came across a motivation tread in the ADHD section. There was a suggestion to make a short list of things to do everyday. I'm trying that.

I have a smartphone that can do everything but wipe my nose for me, so I set up the task app.

This way the phone can yell at me to get off my ass and do something.

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Hi KatieDid! I have been feeling just like you for the last several weeks so don't beat yourself up about it I'm not. I'm still waking up happy to be alive and I'm not depressed. I just have no motivation right now. I even tried the Tasks on my Smartphone I had to shut it down lol. It kept beeping me to get up off my behind. I didn't get a thing done on the list. I went from almost compulsive to not giving a crap. Oh well this too shall pass...

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Hey KatieDid,

I literally live by the iPhone calendar + a task list app. Not only have I scheduled reminders for things that need to be done, but I have a generic reminder that sounds at 9, 11, 1 and 3 weekdays at work. When those go off, I know that it's time to check focus and see if it's in the right place.

As for motivation at home... it's still a lotto's odds that I'll get to what needs done. The most helpful thing there is a relatively strict routine and a cleaning service :)

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Am wishing at the moment I had a clue what a smartphone was.

Hey KatieDid. What struck me about your first post was that you said you didn't care that you didn't have motivation, but you posted like you cared.

Maybe there's an inner conflict there. It seems like you do care but maybe you don't want to because that would take the pressure off. Which suggests to me that maybe you feel weighed down by a pressure to be what you're used to being or living up to how talented you know you are. What you know yourself capable of.

Well PTSD can knock that right out of you and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I know I've got that at the moment and I have ridiculously high expectations of myself (and I can relate to being talented) and I find that weighs me down more than any task probably ever could. Maybe you could relate to that?

I know if I can somehow let go of my usual standard and get something done, just done, not perfect I feel a sense of accomplishment that releases a bit of the total lack of motivation. I mean it's part and parcel of PTSD and it's not going anywhere for a while, well very fresh PTSD anyway. But I think the more you can just get things done, little things, anything the more you accomplish and the more you give yourself a sense of worth.

You mentioned recycling. Maybe if you can't do it yet you can think about what you would if you could, but don't beat yourself up for not. Then maybe try and half do it, 'cause allowing yourself to slowly get back to something is sometimes harder than throwing yourself back into things. But slowly but surely as they say wins the race.

You also mentioned takeaway and gaining weight which you didn't seem to like. Maybe you could start with a healthier takeaway (at least for you, he can have whatever he wants I guess if he's not bothered). If you can't cook yet, that could help you feel a bit better.

I do hope you find a way that suits you because it can definitely suck when you've lost your way a bit.

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