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narcissistic personality disorder


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Well, my understanding is that very few true narcissists self-diagnose. ;-)

I'd suggest letting a pro do the formal diagnosis, when you get the chance. There are lots of things to work on in the meantime. Look for stuff on low self-esteem, or anxiety or depression. Those sorts of things seem to affect most people, to various degrees, and seem to occur with different primary issues. You can do a lot of self-help (ooh, check out the Self-Help topic, too) on the general stuff, without needing a formal diagnosis. Just start anywhere. :-)

Good luck.

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Guest GingerSnap

You really can't diagnose yourself and it can't be done on the forum. I have written some posts on the subject of narcissism though since I have researched it endlessly. Keep in mind that someone can have a narcissist personality which is not a disorder, it is a disorder when it negatively impacts your life. Yes, I read the prognosis too, many times. Keep in mind that I see this from the opposite side that you do since my husband has this issue of at least being narcissist to an extreme (he also has intimacy issues across the board), probably at the disorder level but I have many ideas on this after researching for months on this deciding whether to kick him to the curb, was he beyond help, should I harpoon him, etc. Again, do not despair. Keep in mind that I am a regular person, a mom and grandma so my thoughts may or may not be worthy of your consideration but I share my conclusions. Ok, someone has narcissistic personality (you may or may not have it), they are sort of a pain because they always put themselves first even before God (if you believe in God of course) - I personally believe they put themselves first and there is no second, just first and they don't think beyond that. OK, this whole thing goes haywire as the sense of entitlement gets stronger and stronger until they begin to drive others away because the others just can't take it anymore, I mean when someone makes you feel like you aren't important, who needs that in their life. So, I believe that since a personality disorder is just a personality type over the top, it can be backed off of - why not? Keep in mind there are always degrees of everything including personality disorders. Whatever your issue is, you are determined to overcome it, right? A narcissist does not easily acknowledge a problem with themselves, trust me, it can take years and even then they just can't imagine that the problem may have something to do with them.:eek: I would be careful of trying to self-diagnosis with the questions and I think my husband got was it 7 of the 9 questions that were a yes but then again, I tested high for mania and it said it was impairing my life and I should get help but after 55 years of being me - I am happy, well-adjusted and have more friends than I can really use, did a good job raising my kids, am always successful on the job, easily learn new things, need constant input which has really enhanced my being - God is the focus of my life and I am high on life and never become depressed so am I needing to change? Well, not a chance that I will go that route. Don't take this so seriously, really. We all have personalities. Yes, you would do good to go into counseling but a true narcissistic would avoid it at just about any cost the way I understand it - the it's not me, it's you complex. Like I said I am no expert on this. Mental health is just like physical health - you start reading the symptoms and pretty soon it looks like you have it all. This is about all the encouragement I have to offer. Hopefully you'll get a call on a job very soon - I'll put you in my prayers and I'll cross my fingers on that call telling you "You are hired!" My best ***If you didn't come across the self-help online book at this website here is the link: http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/center_index.php?id=353&cn=353

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Add link for self-help book, I always have trouble finding it
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