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My testicles are too big


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I just recently got out of highschool and I've always been shy around girls so I've never had sex. The girl that I was going to lose my virginity to laughed in my face and left, I was so depressed, I wanted to kill myself.

But I realized it's not really that my penis is small, it's about 5 inches erect and has a 4.25 girth. What the problem is, is my testicles. They are unusually large and they make my penis look small.

Does anyone know if there is some sort of surgery that can be done to reduce the size of the testicles(and it wouldn't hurt if they could add a little to my member). It's kind of embarrassing to ask and I was wondering if someone knew about this kind of thing here and about how much it would cost. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I just want to live a normal life.

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Look this girl was obviously an imbecile, superficial kid. Not much you can do about bad personalities but I wouldn't worry very much. There's something I went through where I have late puberty. I continued to grow in height by the inches through my 20's. I assume you're 18ish. Don't do anything drastic you will regret like penile surgery, which can make things 10 times worse. Just be patient and wait a few years and I bet you your penis will level out in size. I'm no doctor but it seems like the larger the testicles the more testosterone and sperm count and that's what you want anyway. Am I wrong? As a man I'd be pretty proud of it. Not ashamed.

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Good morning soccer,

Exoskitzo and Interested Observer are 100% correct! There's nothing to be ashamed of here-- she was immature and selfish in her response and this should in no way reflect on you. I've had many a girl when I was young (we're talking the 60's and 70's), refuse to date me b/c I was dark skinned, skinny and an immigrant. My lack of English was of no help either.

I do want to, however, highlight a different set of issues here. Enlarged testicles can simply be just that. On the other hand, they can signal something deeper-- have you checked for a lump for example. This could be a small cyst called a spermatocelethat contains some clear liquid and sperm. The spermatocele can cause your testis to look more enlarged than normal. Also, while very rare, testicular cancer does occur at you age and can present as enlarged testicles. My point is that if you're fairly concerned about this, see a urologist.

As for your other concern, there are no known safe and effective penis enlargement procedures that have been known to work consistently. The latest method, Minimally Invasive Surgery using Laser (MISL) Phalloplasty technique, has mixed results. Keep in mind that penile augmentation (enlargement) procedures and herbal remedies that are advertised constantly on TV, make extravagant and misleading claims about their results. Current cosmetic surgical procedures are largely unproved by research, unreliable in their benefits, and may carry the risk of serious complications (this is usually the result. Urologists generally consider penile enlargement surgery to be still experimental in nature, and not a standard procedure.

In a word... don't go there,


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Soccer, David and Everyone,

Soccer, a girl told you your testicles are too BIG??? Now I've heard everything :) My friend, if you have BIG ONES, wear them Proudly!!!

What a crazy world, don't you think? Equipment is: Too Small, Too Big, Too this, Too that, Not enough the other????? Seems like a guy can't win these days?

You know what guys: Enjoy life and, if anyone does not like your equipment, find someone else. Keep looking until you find the right woman. Yes, they are out there. Really.

Submitted Respectfully and with the idea of: "What about Men's Rights?"


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