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When I feel like I’m going to go nuts from all the sadness I make myself go do something...and by the time I’m done doing it I forgot that I was hurting....I’m not cured by any means there are days I wake up and want to kill myself but I would never ....and then there are days that I feel ok and days I feel good..and then days like to day...I feel like I had a purpose in life today and that made me want to live and keep holding on and it made me happy and I can’t wait for tomorrow to throw me another purpose!!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Lacy,

That is well said and is the reason why, when a person is feeling terrible and feeling like their life is not worth living, just hold on and, with time, you will feel better. Also, it is important to do the things that will help make you feel better.

Lacy and others, types of things do you do to help you feel better when you are down?


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These are my "feel better" activities.

Go for a walk.


Find a peaceful place outside and listen to nature.

Write a poem.

Listen to pretty music.

Take in how beautiful your child is.

Find a project to work on.

Let someone hold you for a long time.

Dance around the room.

Watch a sappy movie.

Do something to help another.

The big things for me are finding a way to take in beauty or finding a way to make myself useful. Sometimes when I was feeling very lonely or down, I'd practice letting go. Find a way to enjoy my own company. So I'd move into a quiet room and think of all of the beautiful things in the world. The purity of a child's smile, the glisten of the sun shining off a lake, the sound of water crashing against the shore, the familiar scent of spring's soggy ground, the sensation of wet, squishy sand between your toes at the beach, the taste of my favorite food...and let all that beauty "fill me up". There are so many simple, yet wonderful things in this world that maybe go unnoticed if we let darkness surround us. Always made me feel better for a little while. Going to work always helped me too. There I could see what a difference I made. Being around a lot of people helped me to stop focusing every second on my own inner pain.

I'm sure others have different methods to fight back loneliness and depression, but those were some of mine.

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I think it is a good idea when you are feeling really depressed to not allow yourself to think of the things that are troubling you, to not allow yourself to dwell on the hopelessness of the situation. It may not solve anything but at least if you don't think about it the intensity of the feelings will be less. I think it's just important to keep your mind occupied. For me, reading meaningless novels is a great way to forget anything that may be on my mind.

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