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exhausted and still going..


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I am so sick of being me right now, my head just wont stop. I need some peace and sleep, anybody have a club i can borrow?:P

I haven't been here for a while because my cycles have been so out of hand, that just getting through the day has been a milestone at times.

Manic, depressed, mixed state, manic ect ect, i need a break from me. We all have factors that effect our state of mind, mine have been medication not working, changing pdoc and so much more that i wont bore you with.

My new medication routine isn't going to well, i don't think i've stayed in one mood state for longer than 2 weeks in the last 7 months.

I often ask myself if this is as good as it gets, i fight because of my children. They need the best version of me that i can give, i just don't know if what i can give is enough anymore!

Oh pull yourself together tracey, this is why i haven't been about for a while. If i'm not Manic or depressed, i'm so everywhere that i make no sense. Now i'm speaking to myself, it gets better.

Hope you are all ok, wish i was able to chat but i'd send you all around the bend.

Take Care of yourselves.

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I have a club soda you can have. :-)

Hey Tracey! Sorry you're not feeling well. But you forget who you're talking to: a fair number of us know what the other side of the bend looks like, already. So share. It's not like you're going to do us any harm.

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