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"Tis The Season To Be Jolly"


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Well Christmas time has finally arrived, and although it may not go as planned, Im still like a big kid, and getting excited :D

Today Im working on babies "Wish Lists" coz although were not able to be together, I still want it to be as magical as possible for them. There notes to "Santa" are cute, so how can I not be there santa again this year ~ impossible. :o

My youngest Lily~Marie wants a baby ( kinda predictable but cute)

Jj well her expectations so little, she just wants kinda everything

Maisy Moo, wants a piano, and girlie stuff

Toby just wants amongst other things, a Goriilla (yep a real one) :eek:

Any way I was just wondering, if anyone can remember writing to Father Christmas, and what they had asked him for :)

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Guest Ilook@allthelonelypeople

I'm afraid I don't have the first clue. :P But I remember taking the ritual of writing Santa, very, very seriously.

I was really quite paranoid over the idea of getting a lump of coal instead of the hoped-for goodies. I think I was little surprised, actually, as the years continued to progress and I hadn't gotten a single lump of coal. :D

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Guest Ilook@allthelonelypeople

...No one ever really explained why coal would represent such severe disapproval, either.

I could think of a lot of other things, in my eight-year-old mind, that would be a much more traumatic censure...some of them in the cat's litter box.

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