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This is just my thought, nightfalls, but there's a lot of all-or-nothing thinking, here. If you're not succeeding until nothing fails, if you're not going to feel accepted until you're completely accepted, if you're not going to be done until you've done "it all", then there's a chance you're going to be disappointed. Completely.

My impression of people who flow (and I'm just beginning to see how a person might do that) is that they do the complete opposite. They let whatever successes they have cheer them. They go around obstacles rather than object to being blocked. They don't stand rigidly, refusing to flow or to compromise or to just take half. You're not lost when you go with the flow; you still influence it and there's enough flexibility in the flow so that you get what you need. You just might not get all of what you wished for. The question is, can that be enough for you?

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