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FDA approves TMS for treatment resistant Depression

David O

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I realize there are many here who suffer from severe depression and that the various medications and therapies used haven’t been effective. Just thought to mention that the FDA recently approved magnetic stimulation therapy which is one of the most effective and latest treatments for treatment resistant depression (which is about 10 to 20 percent of those with the illness).

Studies are showing that individuals treated with TMS can experience total remission of depression symptoms; however, the more common number is around 50-60% improvement in symptoms, which is still excellent. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) usually requires 5, 1-hour sessions a week for 3-5 weeks. Treatment is fairly simple, one sits in a reclining chair and a magnetic coil is positioned and stimulated—the entire time, the patient is awake/alert and there is no anesthesia. It takes a few weeks to begin to see the full benefits of the intervention.

Treatment is fairly expensive if you don’t have insurance, but may be well worth it for those who suffer greatly and are highly suicidal in their thinking. For more info, just go to Yahoo or Google.

David O.

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