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running into your therapist out in public?

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So during the course of my therapy session, I mentioned a party I am going to be at tonight...and a few more details later (although I don't know much about it, it's my friend's friends party) my therapist was asking for more details...he was wondering if it might be the same one he was going to tonight! Ha. I still don't know for sure, although its a small town so very possible. (My therapist said he would never acknowledge a client first in public, he or she would have to do it first for confidentiality reasons.) Anyway, was wondering if anyone had run into their therapist out in public and how it went or how that was for them....although I am thinking seeing one's therapist out at a restaurant would be different than at a small party...



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Oh gosh, yes. I live in a very small town. My place of employment is probably within a few miles (if that) of my former therapist's home. He's been in the store I work in. I even waited on him once. I've seen him in the supermarket parking lot. We always acknowledge one another with friendly hellos and then go about our business. Our relationship is held in the room and in my heart. Out in public, I respect him like I would anyone else. He's a regular person just like any of us, so I find his just being himself and my just being myself kind of comforting.

It might feel awkward at first, Dazed&Confused, but I think it's beneficial to be reminded that therapists are human too. Sometimes their gas tanks get empty and sometimes they go to parties. If you happen to run into your T, just be respectful and polite and everything should be fine.

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