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this is good stuff, right?


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Not doing well past two days. People are noticing that i don’t seem quite right. I don’t know How to be quite right. Trying to use the Skills i've learned in CBT but unsure how to proceed.

i’ve been feeling really good the past couple of months and have made major headway in my life. i am kinda stressed, though, due to having to move to a new apartment, getting a promotion at work, and taking classes. Apparently not doing well with that stress. How do i step back and look at this as good stuff instead of stressful stuff?

i don’t want to go down to the pits of depression again – was just there in Oct. and doc upped my lexapro to 20mg plus i’m on 450mg wellbutrin (also on 15mg abilify for mania and 0.5mg lorazepam for anxiety).

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Hi Cyblue, Stress sets me off easily as well.... It's important not to pile on things too quickly when you are just starting to be able to function normally again. It's so easy to do...

Is it possible for you to be very judicious with your time outside of these specific stressors - make sure that you keep everything else really simple, intentionnally? That way you can focus on just those priorities, the rest can wait for now... This sounds like a very intense time, but things will settle down once you've moved ...

Oh yeah, and lists. I find lists get things out of my head and help me to plan what needs to be done - helps me not to stress so much. When I start feeling off track or confused, I go back to the list ... and usually I attack the easiest thing on it, but that's another conversation altogether :-)

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