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HiI've been away a bit, peeking in now and then but actually busy with DBT again. The online class is cool-follows Marsha Linehan's teaching and is only DBT. Am amazed at how much I had learned and am using and how effective it's really been for me. But not at first. The willingness was a big one-willingness to believe that the key to making me feel better was within myself and waiting to happen, just had to practise. Dialectical Behavioral therapy is unlike CBT because instead of just building new thoughts, your old beliefs and feelings have merit within their own context and what is wisdom or is effective gets looked at and validated. Re: my Dad said I was too emotional-period. DBT allows for, no wonder, abuse does that. Now try this. DBT talks about actual brain differences, why our our old thought patterns persist, and gradually teaches new stuff. And new patterns emerge. The old ones don't die easy, I swear they vie for dominance, but as time has passed and I can trace the actual thought paths, well, some of it was rather silly to be running my choices for so long. Oh, well.

Back then it didn't work for me either. But does anything without practice? Anyway, feels like a solid group and I would encourage everyone to check it out.

So appreciate that all of you are here and sharing. MI is a lonely road at times, and have always felt like damaged goods. It's only in looking at others and their gifts to the community that give me hope mmy life may have contributed something, too.



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