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DBT is an option... I just got done with the program. It can be useful for anyone not just mental health patients. read up on it online. Marsha Linehan is the founder and there are self help websites.

I have some issues with it but I think everyone needs to try all options. It can be confusing.. why they make somehting confusing for people who already have processing problems or lower functioning I have no idea but it is worth looking into...

Check into local programs in your area through your local resources or online.

Good Luck:)

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Thanks for responding. I did DBT quite a few yrs ago, didn't get all of it but am still working on it. I didn't much at first, but know some of it works for me now sometimes, when I'm willing, and remember, to use it. Have wondered other peoples experience of it.

Just found a site


The ABC's of Internet Therapy


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