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Does anyone here do this sort of thing? I did a search, but didn't come up with anything.

I often wish I could have a blog or a LiveJournal or DeviantArt or whatever sort of account, but with the problems I have in my life, I'm afraid it would kill my business, which requires people to believe I'm very responsible and conscientious. Well I AM responsible and conscientious with my clients' items, but if I go online talking about my personality disorder, my struggles with depression or my marital troubles... well mightn't that scare clients away? Back in the day the internet used to be somewhat anonymous, but I don't think it's quite like that any more...?

I know all these artists and ordinary people who get online and have these marvelous sites where they share their thoughts and circumstances... their art and photos but I'm afraid to do this.

If you do any of these things, are you frank about your troubles or do you not post about them? If you do post about them have you had any negative repercussions?

Anyway... I just thought I'd ask!

Thank you!


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Personally I don’t think you should mix the two. I was on a wonderful site, loving it, until the woman running it bared her soul one day and told us everything she was dealing with in real life. For a start I was gob-smacked and did know what to say to her. I noticed other people were having the same reaction. Because I was dealing with stuff myself and my net activity is in a way a distraction from all that I found this too much too deal with and left the site.

Keep the business stuff separate, it’s your livelihood after all. But I see no harm in having an online journal and using a ‘nick name’. That way you can decide who you want to share ‘your story’ with, even if it’s some of your trusted clients.

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Blurose, Yes, that's kind of what I was thinking! I'm not on any of the social networking sites because frankly the idea kind of creeps me out! I don't want people to know me, too much difficulty in my life and I don't trust myself to keep my mouth shut like I should! Besides, I'm also afraid of cyber bullying, which I doubt I'd do too well with!

Malign, that's interesting, I'll have to check it out! Thank you!

I hope to hear from more peeps who have insights on this subject!

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