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how do i put a pic. on


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i was wondering how i put a profile image on here i cant seem to find it, also whats the lil green square for in profiles i sat the mouse over it and it popped up and said something and went to another profile and it stated something different anyone know what or why this is there and or how i can change it, just curious, keep in mind im a paranoid scizophrenic, and while i can kinda keep it under control it does break through sometimes still.

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Well, then, let's take this stepwise, so there's the smallest possible chance of misunderstanding. :-)

First, there's the "profile picture", which only shows on your profile page. Then there's the "avatar", which shows next to each of your posts.

To change either one, you use the 'User CP', which is the first option on the lowest menu on the page. You can choose 'Edit Profile Picture' or 'Edit Avatar' from the long list on the left.

Now, there are a variety of green indicators that you might mean. On your profile page, there are two that I can see: a green circle next to your name, that shows that you're online. There's a smaller green square to the right, which says something like 'you're an unknown quantity at the moment' when you hover over it with the mouse. All that means is that you're in a category that the site uses to manage New Users, nothing more. Now, green squares on other screens might have different meanings; if you tell me which ones you're concerned about, I'll look into what each one means.

And, basically, if you have any concerns at all, you can PM (private-message) me or one of the other moderators, and we'll try to find the answer for you, even if we don't already know it (and with this software, that often happens.) :-)

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thanks yeah the avatar is what im wanting to do, and yea i was reffering to the one that said unknown quantity lol sorry i cant help it somethings just make me paranoid, and sometimes i think nothing could make me paranoid still, but yea thanks for your help im try get me a avatar picture on here....it's good to know people of a higher power arent collecting data on me and out to get me for one in hundred million reasons i create and become paranoid about, this guy well i dont know but he has a big sign that he made on the front of his house that says "...the U.S. government is experimenting on me against my will." lol im not that paranoid yet anyways and i've come along ways with it and its not near as bad as it use to be but yea enough for the time being thanks again.

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Hi! I think malign explained that very well. Being a bit paranoid myself, I understand you wanting to know what's what. I hope you come to feel quite relaxed here and know that we are here to listen and help if we can, and also to seek your support occasionally too.

And remember, paranoia is quite simply a heightened sense of awareness.

It just means not much goes by us. :)

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