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Thanks Everyone Also...


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I just wanted thank everyone on this forum i've come to realize since i joined i've noticed some improvements in my life & overall well being...I'm assuming one because i've learned quite a bit while i've been here, and two because i stay on here alot during the day and try help people with their situations & problems and give advice, and while doing so im not thinking of anything else and well thats always a plus for me, thats one my problems i spend too much time thinking but if im too busy thinking for everyone else i dont have time to think to & for myself...which is what i've done my whole life pretty much up until i 'lost it' lol, but yea feels good to know that i might be able to help someone in some way, so thanks everyone for being here, and just so everyone knows you've all helped me in one way or another...sometimes you just gotta vent yourself/things and what better way to do it than by 'trying' and well hopefully helping others, just like you, because a problem is still a problem, some differ and some are bigger but still the same, & so third i know im not alone in this world even when i am alone.

Also, just wanted to say incase anyone was wondering what my avatar pic is of, and i just wanted tell everyone i find it kinda inspirational, its of a girl sitting alone in a corner in a dark room and a lit candle is right in front of her but she is covering her eyes...also note the overall tone of it is gray & one thing gray represents is feeling of lost.

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Hi LostSouls I understand you completely because it has done the same for me. I had been a long time wrapped up in myself because of depression and this forum has given me a place start looking outwards again.

Thanks for explaining your avatar, I could'nt figure out what was in the corner... now I see it. I hope someday she will show her face to us and that there will be more light in the room and in your life ...:)

To better days together!

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