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Inpatient Hospitalization Alternatives....

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Good post. I’m not in US so not much help I’m afraid.

Here in the UK the help is there and it’s free. I have read so many posts of people in US struggling to see therapists or even just get the medication they need and I really feel for those people. I hate listening to people here (UK) complain about the system. They don’t seem to realise how lucky they are.

I didn’t get a lot of support in the beginning. People were just beginning to understand depression back then never mind anything else. But two years ago my doctor asked me if I would like to go for a reassessment and I agreed. Over the last two years I have talked with three psychiatrists, a psychologist, and I’m now under the consultant psychiatrist on the recommendation of the psychologist. I have crisis telephone numbers coming out of my ears and my own doctor sent me an appointment to go see her to make sure everything was okay with me just now.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but if I had this kind of help back in my twenties I think I would have been a whole lot better off. Better late than never I suppose.

For those of you who are struggling to get help - Keep banging on that door someone will answer.

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I’m glad to hear that there is some help available even if you do have to search it out. Not always an easy thing to do for people who are suffering with mental problems. I whish them all well and success in getting what they need from the medical profession.

I hope others will come along and add what information they have that might help others know where to look and what to ask for in the way of help.

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