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I have an appointment today


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I have an appointment today at 10am. with psych consultant. The first since receiving the letter in the middle of December with the diagnoses ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’. Seeing it in writing was strange. Apart from Christmas, New Years, and my birthday last week, I feel like I have been in some kind of shock. It’s like I have finally been given permission to ask anything I want about this diagnoses. I’ve taken a note of some questions I want to ask her. To begin with I’ll show her the letter and ask, “Is this what you really believe is going on with me?” Then I plan to explain that I am through the worst of it now and feel that I manage quite well most of the time. Then I’ll ask her for her thoughts on DID and what experience she has had with it. Then I plan to sit and listen to what she has to say. I’ll come back with an update.

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Well Happy Belated Birthday Bluerose.... :)

And, it is awesome that you are thinking out how you want to handle this new disgnosis for you. Your ability to understand and pursue this is inspiring and I wish you luck with it....

I understand your feeling strange about seeing DID in writing, I know exactly how you feel.... I had always wondered about it with myself and have read up on it and when there is childhood trauma the chances are so is DID.

But, my Dr and therapist say absolutley not since they have seen me weekly for 4 years. They do say when I am depressed, I can exhibit the illness but i guess that is more for the staff at the hospital to understand and not an official diagnosis.....

Keep us posted ???? :)

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Sorry I missed this one. Session went well. I asked her about the med notes I’d asked for back in December. She explain that her and the psychologist had gone over them to make sure there was nothing that might upset me and then she said she was about to sign the release and that I would get them soon. Well I’m still waiting and hope to hear something tomorrow.

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