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How to find out what I enjoy doing


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Hi there, mates!

I am a 22 years old guy who probably didn't pass through his adolescence stage yet. That's because I am still a real stranger to myself.

Right, let's work it out stepwise!

I think that find out what I enjoy doing is a good start.

I don't really enjoy what I do now and I am quite bored all the time.

All I do is because I that is what I always did (hobbies, hang out with the same old "friends"...) or because I have to do.

It is a passive behavior; you know, beggars can't be choosers.

This morning I listened to a song which make me realize that my lifestyle is a loss. Jees, something must change!

But, I don't really know what I like doing. I don't know how to figure it out and... probably, I am scared of what that discover will involve.

Does anyone of you guys know how I should go on?

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice day!


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Hi gix88,

Welcome to the family. I think what you describe is what so many of us have been thru and even late into our 20's and early 30's for some-- you're not alone in this, although it may at times feel this way.

My suggestion is to get on line and take the full version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and then, based on your trait type, look for careers that people in our category seem to gravitate towards. You may want to buy the book Please Understand Me, which will have the Inventory and how your typology can be used in searching for.finding/partnering with a mate, plus job types by typology and other areas of interest. You can also complete the test on line and look for a site that shows you how the inventory would work in career choices.

You can also see a vocational counselor and they can give you the Strong-Campbell Inventory, which will also point you in a career direction. The outcomes of these inventories is not that you'll be successful in a specific career, it only suggests which careers best match your personality type, which would leave you less bored and more excited about your work-world.

Good luck and i hope this helps,


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