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Tip for dry mouth from meds

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A pdoc I used to see (before he left town ;) ) gave me a great tip for a dry mouth. You can drink copious amounts of water and still have a dry mouth, but if you add just a small amount of lemon juice to the water, it stimulates the salivary glands and helps more than plain water. I've tried it and it's worked very well for me.

Just thought I'd share in case it works for anyone else. :)

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Yeah, it works great too. Only, I found because the dry mouth would keep ahead of the sweets, I'd have to suck a lot of sweets and the meds already increase my appetite... ;) My teeth also aren't the greatest and all that sugar didn't help.

Sorry, I don't want to shoot your suggestion down because it's very effective (not to mention it tastes great :D ) just to mention the downside.

If they're sugar-free that'd probably work just fine.

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Thanks for that great tip Luna. I too drink lots and lots of water but it makes no difference to my dry mouth. I went through the sucking on sweets too...I would go through packets every day, but as you said the meds already lead to increased appetite so that didn't really help as it just made me feel more depressed. Anyway, thanks again,


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Perversely, we often take the meds that give us dry mouth in the evening (because they cause sedation) and before sleep our mouths and throats are SOO dry - and the more water you drink then, the more you have to get up in the night and that doesn't help the insomnia now does it? Toothpaste makes your mouth even drier. I sometimes wake up with my entire tongue dry as a bone.

Add to this the Seroquel which blocks your nose so you have to breathe through your mouth... if it wasn't so uncomfortable it'd be funny! (luckily the blocked nose SE subsided with my lowered dose.)

Oh, the joys... :)

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