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Anyone know about the TEG Test?


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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing some reading about Borderline Personality Disorder and thought many of the characteristic traits apply to me. I brought this up with my psychiatrist yesterday and he said that the diagnosis is never black and white. I asked him if there was any diagnostic test I could take and he suggested I do the TEG. Has anyone out there any knowledge about this test?


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Hi Paul,

In my psychology study I have never stumbled upon the acronym "TEG". I have no clue what your psychiatrist is talking about.

Common questionnaires to diagnose personality disorders are the PDQ-R and the MCMI-III. Specifically for borderline there's an interview instrument called DIB. A psychologist should be able to test you.

Personally I don't think that highly of personality tests. It's a somewhat useful instrument for a professional who is trained to be able to estimate the implications of such test. But I think for a layman it creates more questions than it answers. Which is fine if you're willing to jump in the rabbit hole of psychological test theory, but not so if you're not.

Basically: you're having some personality traits that form a problem. Otherwise you wouldn't be here worrying about your personality. And if you think your traits resemble the borderline personality, you could read up on it and see if you get any insights useful for your situation. That's what it is about. It doesn't really matter whether a test tells you whether you're borderline or not.

Much love,


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