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Selective Sound Sensitivity


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Has anyone else had any experience with this? It doesn't seem that there's very much anyone can do to fix the problem.

Basically, selective sound sensitivity syndrome (4S) is where hearing a particular noise evokes angry emotions to the extent of the listener feeling violent or helpless. Additionally, seeing the source of the offensive sound (for example, if hearing gum triggers 4S, watching someone chewing it) but not hearing it can be equally affecting.

I've had problems with this for several years now. If anyone else has any ideas on how to help the problem or if someone else has the problem, I'd appreciate hearing about it from them.

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This is a poorly understood condition, one few physicians know much about and much less treat. May I suggest you look at the UK Misophonia Support Group @


You may be able to get much more information and specific support and strategies for addressing this condition.

As you probably know, a hearing specialist can treat you with tinnitus retraining therapy and a psychiatrist or psychologist can look at any underlying OCD or anxieties.

Good luck and I hope this helps.


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