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BP and dreams


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My most recent psychiatrist has diagnosed me with emerging Bipolar Disorder Type I. This diagnosis came from both my journals that I've been keeping over the last few years, and the symptoms that I have been complaining about for quite a while, which include ringing in the ears, random muscle spasms, racing thoughts, cycles of depression which wax and wane over months if not years, mixed mood states and periods of panic attacks, which seem to wax and wane as well. Based on what we've gone over the cycle period has been hard to define, but I can guess it's somewhere around 8 months. Keep in mind, however, that I've also been diagnosed with a lot of other things such as SAD, dysthemia, GAD, and Panic Disorder.

One strange thing that's been happening recently are the emergence of very lucid dreams. You know how dreams generally don't follow any set pattern, they're generally pretty random and disjointed for the most part. Recently for me this has begun to change. I have continuations of dreams from one night to the next. There are always people, places and situations of that sort. I can see and hear myself. I can even recall vividly slapping myself in a dream to see if I was awake. Nothing seemed to be at all random. Events flew by at a quicker pace but otherwise it all seemed to follow logical time lines. I haven't had an opportunity to ask my shrink about these dreams yet, and I'd like to know if anyone else diagnosed with BP or other depression/mania related disorder has had similar dreams states during their cycles.

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Other than the increase of anger, vivid dreams were my first symptom. Horrible, sick dreams where I taught someone who had crossed me during that day a lesson. I could get up in the middle of a dream to use the bathroom, go back to bed and start pretty much where I had left off. My dreams were so violent I would wake up tired, sort of like I had been working all night. I don't put any stock into dream therapy but when mine get too violent it means there is a change on the horizon.

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I suffer from having very vivid, real and dreams that make sense like watching a movie all night. I remember seeing my mother and every wrinkle on her face in my dream. Some of the dreams are a collection of some of what is bothering me but then some lately have been bad like killing people including a 3 yr old girl... :(

I have also had a few dreams that what I read on paper in the dream have come true and are real. One was that i had throat cancer (i dont know anything about it) and the types were given to me on paper so when I read it , it was so clear so I woke up and googled it and there was the exact page that i read in my dream! Pretty scary and confusing. I dont think its the meds since I am often not on meds and maybe since we all are suppose to be creative people maybe that part is causing us to also have our dreams?

Would love to know more and I hope they are not going to say our dreams are symbols because they are too clear and make too much sense to be symbols....

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