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Mixing folks during hospitalization


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I know this is going to sound like I am picking on certain folks but I don’t what else to call it.

During my most recent hospitalization we had the misfortune to have 5 street drug detox patients with us. I really wish they kept them segregated until they are clean, and then allow them in for the groups and such. Not that I am not sympathetic to their illness, but all the drama, yelling & begging and demanding for drugs (adderral, ativan, valium) was a little much for me. I was so manic that on several occasions I singled these folks out for terminination in my delirium states.

When I complained I was told my only other option was to switch to the geriatric side with the dementia patients.

Is it just me or does your hospital do the same?

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Hi I agree with you. But see how they seperate the patients. The unit I am on is adult psychiatric and addictions. So if you are detoxing with depression or another mental illness then they are here with the general adult psychaitric patient. If they are just detoxing they go over to a different unit or building.

Yes I always see the difference in patients and some are just so annoying. and if they get to obnoxious they go to an acute care unit.

we even have aa/na come in everynight but I never see an nami or dbsa meeting everynight for us regular mental patients :) I've complained and nothing over the years has come of it so well at least we get to watch TV in peace for a hour :)

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