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Rough day


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Hi all. Having a really rough day so far anxiety-wise. I'm filled with a constant sense of fear and it feels like I'm falling apart. I wish I could be a normal person who could do normal things. But every minute of the day is a battle with myself. It's exhausting. I need some external things to happen to help turn my life around, and they just aren't happening yet. It's such an awful feeling to be totally helpless. Could use some good thoughts if anybody has some to spare. Thanks.

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Don't wait for external things.

Granted, those might be the big things, and I do know how easy it is to convince oneself that nothing can happen until ... But so much of turning one's life around comes from inside, and there are lots of little things you can do for yourself. Some are as simple as sleeping regularly, eating well, exercising. Then, when something does happen about the big things, you're more ready to take the opportunity.

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Unfortunately, I need some external things to happen. I won't go into detail, but I need a job and am desperate for money. I've been selling my belongings in order to survive, and I'm at the end of my rope there. I have only worked 6 months out of the past three years due to depression and fear. I'm in an unstable living environment. I could go on and on... But I am absolutely in need of a job and some cash fast or I don't know what will happen.

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Hang in there. I know....easy to say. Anxiety and panic are always pounding at my door.

Try to write things down that are causing you the anxiety. Try to stay in the moment and ask yourself if there's anything you can do about a particular issue TODAY. If the answer is no, then don't fret over it.

An acronym for fear is Future Events Appearing Real. I find I do this quite a bit by keeping going over something over and over again until it works up into a huge overwhelming terrible thing, which then brings up the acronym F**k Everything And Run......not a good way to feel.

Try to get out of yourself by thinking of others and helping them.

Try to go for a walk and get some exercise.

Regarding your financial situation.....have u applied for any assistance? Anything from food stamps, to disability, to welfare.....

Getting a job is a good idea, but how will you handle your anxiety along with responsibilities?

Do you have access to a mental health clinic?

With me, there has been so many things happen to me since I was a little boy.....my therapist has been working with me to reach and understand some of these things.

Gosh, that's all I have to offer you. I wish I could make it dissapear, but.......

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