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seriuse anger


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i cant help but feel like im in the eye of a tornado, everywhere around me are enemy's and it feels like im the only one to take them out,

am i? every time i see some one look at me i look and stare i cant help it

it draws attention and all of a sudden their walking up to me starting a fight and im eroused by the hit that they inflict uppon me, i take the punches normally just to get that rush, then i get up and turn in to another person, im seeking help because im scared of that other side of me and what he could turn in to help? ? ? ?


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I'm sorry you are feeling so troubled. Why do you feel like everyone is your enemy? You must be lonely if you think everyone is your enemy. Do you have someone in your life that you can talk to and be close with? If I were you I would stay away from social places that could get you into trouble until you discover why you are getting into these fights. Is it like a high for you? How do you feel about reaching out to a therapist for help? Anger is a tough emotion to deal with. Is this anger coming from past abuse? Who hurt you? When I was a teenager I felt angry it seemed like for no reason, but I think what I was really angry at was the way my life was so messed up. Maybe if you found the true source of your anger you could begin to deal with it.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Hype123,

Kittenhugs has good advice for you, you need to speak to someone and I would suggest either a good clinical social worker or psychologist. Something is causing you a lot of anger. Can you tell us more about yourself and your background?


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hey i havnt tryed anything like this before, i just suddenly realised that my life is based around fights. ive been violent since i was a kid. im only 16 at the moment but hopfully if i catch this problem now i can solve it before i enter jobs. ive lived with my mum, sister and dad my whole life and have never been violent towards them its as soon as i exit that door, i feel like im behind enemy lines and in a war, survival is the key.... life evolves around survival im here to survive as long as i can

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im not lonley i have good friends that help me but sometimes i feel like im the only one trying to stop them and even the police are against me, i always have my sister to talk to but ive never told her about fighting and the extent it can get to, when i get punched kicked hit with a weapon it seems to make me more determined to hit him, i feel pain but it degenerates in to motivation. ive never been to a therapist or have even talked to my mum or dad about one because i am ashamed however ive taken a step to come on here and try and get someone to help me and tell me how to stop. ive never been abused, my family are here for me all the way. ive always been majorly against the nazi party even though its way in the past it has made me been very violent to german people. i just want to be normal.

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I'm reading what you've written and trying to understand if you are thinking that people are persecuting you or trying to hurt you or if you are just picking fights with them for the rush of fighting. I'm trying to understand the motivation for your anger and violence. Is there a history of violence in your family, or in your background separate from your family?

This distinction is important because if you are feeling persecuted or tormented by others without a good reason, there is the possibility that you may be a little paranoid, and might benefit from some medication. If you are angry because of how you've been treated in the past, that is a separate sort of problem that will benefit from a separate sort of treatment (e.g., anger management treatment).

Does it seem like these people who are your enemys are talking about you behind your back? Is there a conspiracy to harm you? If so - who is in on it? Why do they want to hurt you? Do you ever hear disembodied voices talking about you, insulting you, or directing you to take particular actions?

Anger problems are not well tolerated in adults. If you cannot keep your anger under control in a work environment as an adult, you will not advance in your career and may be kicked out of work or school. It will also poison your intimate relationships if you become violent in them. So it is a good idea to try to get a grip on your anger and learn alternative and less violent ways of coping with it.

We've got a detailed anger management article that would be good for you to read.

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I read your post and to me it seems like you are threatend by people. your guard goes up as soon as you walk out the door to your house. It is like you feel a need to protect yourself and are ready to do so at any given time.

I wonder if something had happened to you in the past that has made you put your gaurd up and ready to fight.

I was assulted in High school and did not full understand what had happened. I reacted by carrying around a knife everywhere went.

To me, it is kind of what your doing. A lot of young men feel like they need to fight if there is any threat towards them. It causes trouble though and your at an age now where you will get into some serious consequences for physical fights. Consider what will happen when the police become involved.

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