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Went to the doctor today and she wants to keep me on 225 mg of efexor for another 2 weeks."THAT SUCKS!" I have only been on 225 for 2 weeks but i dont notice any differance from 150 mg. Seems like no matter how positive I think Im in a fight to try and change my mood and im stressin out worse beacause i cant change it no matter how hard i try! the good news is my blood pressure meds with the efexor has finally lowered my blood press.117/78 the best its ever been. but still i have acid reflux dis. and now she says my sugar is high and talkin bout i might be diabetic!!! Is it just me or does depression bring on bad luck? beacause thats the only luck i seem to ever have."BAD"! maybe it just gives you a negative auora? sorry just venting.. havin a bad day! tryin not to get in that downward spiral...its so hard! and poeple that dont have depression just dont understand how hard it actually is man!!! we need to come together and make people more aware of this illness beacause i think it needs to be adressed as a life or death situation its no differant than a substance abuse prob. for me at least.....hangin in there maxwell.................

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You see the possibility of more medical diagnoses as evidence of bad luck.

I see them as proof positive that, instead, you have good luck: You're alive!

Dead people don't get new diagnoses. And they never get cured.

Here's to being alive. :-)

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She wants to give it an adequate trial at this dose :); it's possible it needs more time to show efficacy. If you give up too early you may be giving up on something that would have helped.

But yes, it feels like crap. I have sobbed and cried through more "adequate' but failed trial periods of countless meds than I care to remember. But I've also struck a few veins of gold, which have helped, at least for a while.

Hang in there, stick around here if it helps and be gentle with yourself during this time...

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