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Hello Sweetmom2,

I'd like to echo Symora and ask if there's anything that triggered your desire to withdraw today? Sometimes it just helps to say it (or in this case write it) to another human being. ;)

It's OK to have days where you want to be introverted. Nothing wrong or bad about that. But consider doing something healthy with that time. something for you!!

I tend to be pretty extraverted but have lots of times where I just want to be alone to just....well....be!! I go ride my horse to places my best friend or worst enemy can't find me. I play piano or some instrument and get lost in the music.

What are those things that can build you up when you're alone?

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Hi Sweetmom2,

Glad you are feeling better. May I ask what did you blow up at your son about? Are you raising your children on your own?

I ask because, as I raised my child alone, different frustrations that didn't have a lot to do with the child, herself, made me not want to talk and want to not care about anything, arose in me.

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My son has adhd. I cant rememb what he did, bt today his couzin climbed on his toy horse and he exploded and stormed at her and i grabed him and he wanted to bite me and i calmed him he stopped when he got on his horse. I tought him tactics in the bath, like telling her to get off by role-playing.

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