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is there a neurologist in the house?

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Ok, here's whats happening. I have a racing mind, at times, seems to bounce from one thing to another,or just race. Rather confusing and hard to explain.

A few years ago tinnitus set in, and that took some getting used to, now I hardly notice the high pitch ring, and crickets that are always in the background. The noise is obviously in my head, I can hear well otherwise.

This problem has similar aspects, but that are affecting my train of thought, and also my eyesight. I don't wear or need glasses, but the symptom would be similar to the tinnitus, things look "flat" to me, though my depth perception seems to be functioning well.

I have had trouble enough with it to have to pull over when driving, but if I calmed down a bit it seemed to abate. Another aspect is that of what I see coming at me. Hmm, hard to explain the sensation, but it is like driving into snow, if you've done that.

You see the flakes in the near distance, but the 3-4 inches in front of the windshield seem rushing at you. Does that make any sense?

I dont feel "out of touch with reality", I'm able to go about my daily tasks ok for the most part.

I had blood tests done which all came back normal, I wonder some about my blood sugar, eating something helps. I'm a good cook, but not so good at getting meals in, I often just lack appetite.

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Hi Log,

This may actually be something to take to your PCP and if necessary, get a referral to a neurologist. There are some things one never skimps on, such as cardiac pain, blurred vision, loss of feeling on one side, blood in your urine, and the symptoms you describe. They could anything from a atherosclerosis to a small focal lesion.

Good luck and don't put off having this looked at by an MD.


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I'll answer you for both sub-forum threads here, also applies to my interest in the neurologists blog.

I would say the correlation of activities over a span of time to the parts of the brain affected,and the illness that may arise.

I'm a nicotine addict, I found it interesting how chantix worked, in a way "capping" the receptors associated with nicotine, thereby reducing my cravings for nicotine, but there was some overflow of the drugs affect on other parts of my brain.

When I tried the second time this year, I thought I'd go ahead and get a package of the regular dose, and ramp up by splitting the tabs, and take about the same dosing routine as last time.

I had a pretty bad reaction this time, some pretty awful dreams, and more psychotic feelings than before, and decided to hold off for a bit.

I think my mental state wasn't in the same condition as last year, causing a more severe reaction, than by the dose I was using.

I think my mind is accustomed to a more physical lifestyle, and there are portions of my brain that aren't adjusting to my physical changes.

I see commonalities of problems that people are facing in reading these boards, and forums, and most can be grouped by life situation, and the difficulties these people face, hence the various sub-forums here.

Age group,and type of disease is fairly well established, just not seeing anything that fits my situation.

As for the neurological approach, I find it much to my liking, as I'm quite "mechanically" minded, and am interested in what parts of my brain are in deficit, or are not functioning "normally".

For myself, I feel that I have some receptors that are snapping overtime, and others that are sprung.

Symora asked a question in my newbie thread that was very to the point "How come you felt you needed to push yourself so hard?"

Here's an example of what I'm cautious about in my case, as an analogy.

The spring before last I was really pushing it hard out in the field. I have a number of injuries that trouble me, but I had to leave a unit for another worker to finish, due to the stat I was in. The job is basically walking around the unit, a timber sale usually, and looking for habitat features to investigate closer for the species we are looking for in that zone, for most mollusks, this would be wet areas, or places like rock outcrops, or large debris that they would seek shelter in. Mostly a lot of time on your hands and knees.

Without getting to into explaining the injuries, I snap and pop a lot, I wear a brace om my right knee that helps, but my hips grind, and klunk after a few miles, sometimes less.

It was getting to the point that every time my right leg swung forward, the knee would pop,and my hip would painfuly "klunk". Also My left heel was scuffing the ground. Time to bag it for this old man.

I went intothe local GP, who I knew, and said "Jim,my hips really hurt". So he lifts my leg,and twists it "does that hurt?", no. Then he asks ne to lift on his hand with my toes. I could push up with my right foot, but the left was dead, like when you sit too long, and your foot is asleep. "this is serious" he says, and referances a book about paralysis, and thought I might have a pinched nerve in my L5. So I figure out the financial aspect, luckly I work as an employee of my business, and claimed it as a work injury on comp,and got lined up for a MRI of my spine. So much for my spring survey season that year, I got a TV (never had one till then) and laid on my couch feeling pretty low.

It took a couple weeks to get the MRI, and 3 months to get into the neurologist.

Well, I'm not good for being laid up, so after a few weeks I cautiously got back into my log framing work, actually tied myself to the scaffolding to run my saw, steve would pass up my saw fuel,and water to drink.(dont tell Jim)

So, by the time I got into the neurologist, my leg was working better, he looked at my MRI and said "you have a really good back", and after 5 minutes of poking, prodding, and asking if I sit crosslegged (as I am now, my hips always bother me, and I sit this way a lot) he wrote "perneal nerve" on my yellow piece of paper.Nerve damage in my knee, made total sense.

So I now feel that diagnosis is a matter of asking the right question, to the right person.

So,why am I this way?, and will it heal in time?

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