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Inability to have a relationship


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I assume this is the right place to put this thread. I have been single for 6 yrs now. I do feel incredibly lonely sometimes. However, I really don't feel it's fair to start a relationship with anyone because of my problems. Not that I get many offers anyway!! But it just doesn't seem right. I seem to fill people's lives with misery. But a lifetime of loneliness also seems a scary place. Not sure what my question is but I guess where do I find someone understanding!!

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Hi Calla! :)

What you're experiences is fairly common amongst many, something I'm not happy to say. Either if you're young or a bit older, no one wants to be lonely, not by a longshot. And if anyone says otherwise, I say they've never experiences actual lonliness. You actually understand that being lonely is a scary thing, and I totally agree. And here on the forums, I'm sure you'll find many "understanding" individuals, but I'm not sure we can give you exactly what you're looking for, which is a reliable partner, correct?

Honestly I could keep you company on the forums for as many days as it would need, I'm sure everyone else here wouldn't mind either. But I feel I know too little to say too much at this point, would it be alright for you to tell us a little bit more about yourself and your situation?


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Calla i totally understand where you are coming from, i have been single for two years and i have realised that it would not be wise to get involved with another man until i have sorted through my problems.

i have had two long term relationships and i have figured that as went into them with a messed up head, i was attracting other messed up heads, that doesnt make for a healthy relationship. my problem is when will i sort through all my problems, i have so many different issues,. I have made the first step though and have counselling coming up soon so i can work through my feeling and beliefs.


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